Art in Lockdown

UK in Lockdown due to Covid 19 Pandemic
(March – May 2020)


My latest lockdown Art work can be viewed in a virtual walkthrough gallery and in catalogue via the following links:

The exhibition will be live from June 8, 2020, to July 8, 2020.


“For Sam Jacobs, quarantine was an opportunity to experiment with new concepts and mediums. But, also use art as escapism and solace during these daunting times. The series ‘Lockdown Art’ embraces the beauty of limited resources and the diverse forms found in meal packaging. Her work presents a new medium and organic way to interpret continuous change.”
Claudia Preza – Curator HOME Exhibition


Before lockdown, I was starting to make a conscious effort to be much more environmentally aware and since we have been at home and resources are limited my awareness of what not to throw away and re-use what I can has gone through the roof!

Unfortunately foods were difficult to get, especially in the beginning and like it or not I sometimes had to go ‘ready meal’. This meant plastic packaging.

I usually paint but I had in mind I wanted to be experimental with materials and so this was the perfect time.

lockdown art sam jacobs
Plastic packaging – Untitled 1 – Concrete April 2020


I have been exploring the different shapes found in ready meal packaging. Everyday packaging, from sausages, to fish cakes,  when you look at it objectively, has amazing shapes in the moulds.

lockdown art sam jacobs
Plastic packaging – Untitled 2 – Concrete April 2020

My lockdown body of work is exploring the beauty that can come from the limited resources I have at the moment. I love the way the concrete takes on the dents and creases of the packaging,  making it permanent.

Why do I create art in lockdown?

covid 19 pandemic art in lockdownI never really analysed myself and my behaviour whilst in lockdown but writing this I guess I have been using two things to get me through these weird scary times; art and gardening.

Much like each other they are my escapism, my solace…

I am a busy mum of two running a business from home along with home schooling so having that small amount of ‘me’ time is invaluable at the moment. I don’t think of any worries, troubles or health issues when I create, I purely think about the artwork I want to produce or which vegetable I want to grow.

It’s proving to be a very organic way of working and changes daily, which I love. Both the art and gardening I come back to each day to see the colour changes in the concrete whilst setting and also how the plant seedlings have developed.

When removing the concrete from the mould it’s a risk as to whether it will come out in one piece and also if it will turn out exactly as I had planned.

With one small bag of concrete left, when its gone I will need to look for another resource to get me through.